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Dublin Dr Pepper

This is for those poor souls who just can’t make it to Texas, more specifically, Dublin, Texas.


I like a Dr. Pepper, and I’m sure you will too. But the cool part is the Dr. Pepper Bottling Company in Dublin, TX, bottles “Dublin Dr. Pepper” which is a brand of Dr. Pepper which uses REAL Imperial cane Sugar in the making of their Dr. Pepper.

Real Sugar!

None of that fructose corn sugar stuff.

Yep, tastes different and if you are over 30, you’ll realize that this was the soda pop you remember as a kid.

When sodas were better.

You can probably order some online… and guess what, they still make NuGrape-you can’t get THAT anywhere else.

And SunCrest Soda!

Oh go to already!


Flower on a string

Flower on a string.

Feel free to download this cartoon for your personal use.