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Optimal Living 101

Optimal Living 101 is all about tapping into the Universal Truths as taught by the worlds most incredible teachers — from the old school sages like Marcus Aurelius and the Buddha to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Joseph Campbell and Abraham Maslow all the way up to modern teachers and positive psychologists who are scientifically establishing what works in creating a life of true meaning, joy, love, appreciation, creativity, wisdom, kindness, generosity, hope, optimism, energy, and enthusiasm.


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Music for Sleeping Children (Video)

Charlie White and Boom Bip’s “Music For Sleeping Children – Georgia”
Directed by Tom Kuntz

Music for Sleeping Children is a teen pop album and public artwork.The album is a collaboration between artist Charlie White and Mercury Nominated electronica artist Boom Bip. Music for Sleeping Children transforms immersive interviews with teen girls into carefully designed narrative dance tracks. The result is five contemporary portraits of modern teenage girls, with each track capturing a different aspect of adolescent identity


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“Contact juggling”

Yanazo at the Japanese Juggling Festival.

For more information on how to do this, visit the forums at

FYI: You can get these contact juggling balls from any shop that sells juggling gear – or online at,, and
If you’re in the UK, and if you’re elsewhere,



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