Mars One Way

Question: What is the motivation to go to Mars One Way?

I would never want to go to Mars one way. But after viewing this video I can see how their motivation is the need to be significant. Each of these people appear to be living a life that is totally devoid of significance. They have no deep connection or love to keep them here so they seem very motivated to be significant. Several of the people in the video say they want to go but they would stay if they child or girl asked them to stay. I am guessing they want significance but they want love/connection even more.

What motivates you? To be significant? To find love and connection?

I read recently that over 100,000 said they would volunteer for a one way trip to Mars.

I wonder what it would be like to be on the team that has to select the final crew. They would have to interview a lot of people with a wide variety of backgrounds and motivations.

I bet you who ever goes on that trip they will not be test pilots like the first USA astronauts.

I bet one of the major criteria for being selected is emotional intelligence. One of the highest priorities is to select a crew that does not go insane on the way to Mars. OK arrive on the planet, touch the ground, broadcast a video of your safe arrival and then go insane. That way the scientists and politicians can justify the trip and seek funding for a second trip.

Would you volunteer for the trip? If so, why?

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