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Spring Cleaning and Dreamlining while it snows

Its snowing outside today. Christmas has come and gone. Thoughts of the new year are sitting in the front row of my mind.

And, I’m creating my first Dreamlines. Dreamlines are described in “The 4 Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss (see page 54 of that book).

My goal is to complete my first Dreamlines by January 1st.

As I review the steps for creating a Dreamline, I find I’ve been over some of this material many times. Over the years I’ve created many wishlists, dreams and goals, todo lists, life lists, “if-I-had-a-billion-dollars-what-would-I-do-with-my-life” lists.

I figure that I can save myself some time and energy if I can find my most recent notes about my dreams in one of the many piles of papers I have scattered through out my house.

Yikes, which pile of papers?

One step forward, four steps backwards.

I’m now gathering all my piles of papers and putting them in one area.

I have a pile of papers about 36 inches high. This pile contains a zillion notes, articles, and notepads full of things of interest to me.

They have all been waiting for their time.

Strange how some of those piles were easy to find and place in one central stack.

Some piles however were very difficult to pick up. They were small in size and weight. But they had been on that particular table top or corner of the floor for so long. For months whenever I saw that stack or walked by it, I’d tell my self, “Some day…”

Well, I had to exert extra effort to give myself permission to include those “special” piles of papers with the large central stack I’m creating.

I feel like I’m spring house cleaning in the physical, mental, and emotional sense. For each dust covered stack of papers I pick up and sort through, I delete and let go of another “some day…” thought/plan/attachment.

This is the second time I’ve done this this year. So hopefully, it wont be too overwhelming to complete.

Well its time to grab some hot chocolate, eat a cookie, turn on my MP3 player, and dig into reorganizing my self.

Then, I can Dreamline with a clear mind and house. 🙂