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The Uniqueness of Humans – Robert Sapolsky

I love this man.
This guy definitely lives his passion.


Maya Lin’s ‘What is Missing’

Maya Lin describes her project “What is Missing” at the California Academy of Sciences.


Take a look inside your own brain

Neuroscientist and inventor Christopher deCharms demonstrates a new way to use fMRI to show brain activity — thoughts, emotions, pain — while it is happening. In other words, you can actually see how you feel.


Ideas that shape the future – Dean Kamen

“We get what we celebrate and we are celebrating the wrong things.” – Dean Kamen.

Dean Kamen gives a talk at the 2008 Aspen Ideas Festival.
Video 1 of 3
Video 2 of 3
Video 3 of 3

Segway inventor Dean Kamen discusses the prosthetic arm his company invented for recent war veterans who had lost limbs.

Dean Kamen also describes three other life-changing heartfelt projects his company has been working on.

Do yourself a favor, take the time to watch all three videos of this talk.

It will touch you and move you.

Discovering what one person has done with technology will touch you and move you.

But the project he describes at the end will inspire you.

NOTE: The YouTube videos only show a shortened version of his talk. The ending of his talk is chopped off. The ending is worth watching.

You can view the complete talk as:

You can also read the complete talk by downloading the transcript in PDF format.

For more information about First: visit their website