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A Message of Compassion…

“Whatever you do for the least of these…”

The music is “Now to live the life” by Matt Redman.

I found this video on Roger Ebert’s Journal post on health care. “I’m safe on board. Pull up the life rope.”


Keith Haring

Keith Haring. A graffiti artist who became world famous.

His art is very line based and often primitive, serious, silly, and inventive.

He created many very large elaborate paintings and drawings with no sketch or preparation.

Wow. Now that is faith in your art/muse.


What inspiring books do you recommend?

I am currently devouring two books:

– A Thousand Names for Joy – Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are by Byron Katie
– Moving to Higher Ground – How Jazz Can Change Your Life by Wynton Marsalis

I am so glad I came to live on a book friendly planet. Life would be so empty without books.


This American Life – Season 2

This is an amazing view of the human condition.

The stories covered in this program open new layers of passion in my life…especially Episode 1 and Episode 6.


A Passion for Travel – Rick Steves

For the past 30 years, travel guru RICK STEVES has advocated for thoughtful and informed traveling in his public television series, his radio show, and his best-selling guide books.

His new book,” Travel as a Political Act,” teaches readers how to become travelers, not tourists.

Rick Steves was interviewed on Bob Edwards Weekend July 3, 2009.

DOWNLOAD the interview.

To download the podcast:

1. Right-click on DOWNLOAD. A menu appears.

2. Select “Save Link As”.

3. Save the MP3 file to your hard drive. Play the file on your MP3 player.

Rick Steves website

Bob Edwards Weekend podcast website

Bob Edwards Weekend is a two-hour interview showcase, in which celebrated host Bob Edwards highlights the life and work of interesting people, from newsmakers, historians, and authors to artists, actors, and regular folks too.


Coldplay – Strawberry Swing

The song isn’t bad, but the video is amazing.

It clearly took many, many hours to create.

The creators did an amazing job of balancing playful inspiration with meticulous detail.

This video reminds me that Passion + an idea + toil = a Creative Life.

Read about how the video was made.


Friends offer neighbors fun on 250-foot Slip-n-Slide-inspired water ride


“I wanted everybody to go home and say, ‘You wouldn’t believe what I just did today,” Haralson said.

“We want to do things that make people happy, and it’s such organic fun.”

Read the story behind the slide.


17 words of architectural inspiration

Daniel Libeskind shares 17 words that underlie his vision for architecture — raw, risky, emotional, radical — and that offer inspiration for any bold creative pursuit.