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The Work of Zina Nicole Lahr

From Stormy Pyeatte:
“In August 2013 my friend Zina asked if I could shoot a video for her portfolio. She needed something that would showcase her work but also tell a little bit about her personality and her interests. We had two days to shoot and edit so we shot an interview and smashed something together to meet our deadline. On November 20, 2013 Zina passed away due to a hiking accident in Ouray, CO. After the funeral I revisited the footage and made this short as an attempt to capture her personality and creativity. I never planned to release it online but now I have a chance to share her and her creations with all of you! For all who are part of the Zina Lahr love bomb, this is for you!”

More details at Vimeo

Personal Note:
What does this video teach you about living your passion and being creative?

For me it reminds me:

> to be creative NOW.
> to live my passion NOW.
> it’s never too early or too late to make a difference.


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Binary Hand Dance

Did you know you can count to 31 on one hand?

Thank you ViHart


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A Man Named Pearl

If you need inspiration, run don’t walk to watch the documentary “A Man Named Pearl.”

The video below is just a trailer for the documentary. To get the full story of the man and his art and his passion, you have to watch the documentary.

A Man Named Pearl tells the inspiring story of self-taught topiary artist Pearl Fryar.

It shows what one person can achieve when he allows himself to share the full expression of his humanity.


According to Pearl’s official website “All are welcome and if you find me at home, I’ll stop whatever I am doing to visit with you and tell you about my work and why I create topiary sculpture.”

“Use what you have.”
– Pearl Fryar

“One thing well done, is worth a million excuses.”
– Ben Franklin