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Girl with wild flowers time-lapse drawing .

Drawn with soft compressed pastel / pastel pencil


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Pardon My Dust

Peter Han discusses how he creates his art of illustrating, he calls “Dynamic Sketching.”


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About Drawing

One of the things I like about drawing is that in order to do it you have to get out of your head and into your fingers, so to speak.

It’s like riding a bike. Thinking about riding a bike is not the same as actually riding a bike. It’s two different worlds.

Thinking about drawing is NOT drawing. It’s mental masturbation.

I guess my recent inspiration for drawing came from:

  • watching some art documentary which showed the artist at work. They were so into their work. Some of them had no idea where the line they were drawing/painting was going. That’s how I “doodle” these days. I put ink to paper and I watch what happens with no expectations of where the pen will go. (One of the documentaries that comes to mind is about Keith Harring.)
  • reading about social objects and seeing the art from reminds me that imperfection is OK. The feeling and the idea are important not perfection.
  • a book called “The Back of the Napkin” . The focus is on the idea not the perfect drawing. Having content is more important than using the “right” tools or having the best art supplies
  • the idea that developing a relationship with your muse can be as important as anything else in life, maybe more important than money or status.
  • the idea that the act of doing something creative can be a personal sanctuary independent of the world of thought
  • the idea that the act of doing something creative can be a temporary journey/vacation/change-of-state

And finally, after years of thinking about doing something creative and collecting lots and lots of art supplies with the unconscious expectation that having the supplies will make me creative, I finally let go of those unproductive personal procrastinatious lies and jumped. I jump off the cliff of creativity and started drawing.

I figured I was getting older and older waiting for my old thinking to bare fruit. I let go of the old thinking. I got out of my head and into my fingers and started drawing.

My mind that loves to think started to experience a world that was lead by my fingers and intuition.