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Connected Film Official Trailer

Combining powerful visuals, humor, animation, irony, and serious messages, Connected explores the visible and invisible connections between the major issues of our time — the environment, population growth, technology, human rights, and the global economy demonstrating how they are all facets of one larger picture. Following the filmmakers exploration of her own place in the world during a transformative set of circumstance in her life, Connected exposes the importance of personal connectedness in relation to understanding global conditions, ultimately showing how all of humanity is invested in todays crucial issues. More than a film about social issues, it is a work that speaks directly to empathy, social engagement, and what it means to be human in the 21st century. It reveals how the interdependence of people and forces lies at the core of our existence, and imagines what the world would look like if we lived in a way that acknowledged this reality.

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Jamie Heywood: The big idea my brother inspired

When Jamie Heywood’s brother was diagnosed with ALS, he devoted his life to fighting the disease as well. The Heywood brothers built an ingenious website where people share and track data on their illnesses — and they discovered that the collective data had enormous power to comfort, explain and predict. gives patients control and access to their healthcare information and compare it to others like them.

“We the people have the right to take possession of a complete copy of our individual health data, without delay, at minimal or no cost.”
— Jamie Heywood


Bill Moyers – A passionate journalist

We need more passionate journalists to report the news not their fear-based opinions.
Bill Moyers is the last real journalist.
We need a new generation of Bill Moyers. After he retires, what will happen to journalism?

Bill Moyers describes the current state of the health care debate:
“here we are, wallowing in our dysfunction.”
“We should be treating health as a condition, not a commodity.”

Wake up America!
We are paying too much for too little.
We do NOT have the best health care.
We have the most expensive health care.

Total spending on health care, per person, 2007:
United States: $7290
United Kingdom: $2992
Average of OECD developed nations: $2964
Japan: $2581


A Message of Compassion…

“Whatever you do for the least of these…”

The music is “Now to live the life” by Matt Redman.

I found this video on Roger Ebert’s Journal post on health care. “I’m safe on board. Pull up the life rope.”