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My green school dream – John Hardy

Jewelry designer John Hardy co-founded the extraordinary Green School in Bali, where kids get a holistic and green education.


Hobart Shakespeareans

THE HOBART SHAKESPEAREANS is a delightful profile of one phenomenal teacher and his eager students who together touchingly demonstrate the power of education.

On the Right Track Early

Sir Ian McKellan visits the Hobart Shakespeareans

Ian McKellan visits a Hobart Elementary School class and shares his love of Shakespeare with the children. The actor and preteens exchange dramatic verses of Hamlet in the following scene from THE HOBART SHAKESPEAREANS, a charming portrayal of an exceptional teacher and his eager students who together, touchingly demonstrate the power of education. With genuine passion, Rafe Esquith turns underprivileged and at risk youth of central Los Angeles on to the wonders of Shakespeare.

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Five Dangerous Things
by Gever Tulley, founder of the Tinkering School
The Tinkering School is a summer program that teaches kids to build things. How to raise kids to be creative, competent, and in control of the environment around them.

What kind of danger, real or wildly overestimated, were you exposed to as a kid?

Was it worth the risk?